Waterproof Training Long Lines
Waterproof Training Long Lines
Waterproof Training Long Lines
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Waterproof Training Long Lines

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Got a young dog? Or a dog who needs to work on their recall? Invest in one of our waterproof training lines and help set your dog up for success every time.

Training lines give your dog the illusion of being off leash and free to roam, but gives you the peace of mind and reassurance that they are not going to run off, and that you have full control.

With a range of widths and lengths to suit your individual needs, our training lines are a staple in every dogs training kit. Made from PVC coated Waterproof webbing our training lines are strong and durable.

Upgrade the lead fittings to a self locking safety carabiner clip by clicking here.

Length is entirely personal choice and how much reign you want to give your dog. 

Each long line comes with a trigger snap hook and a small handle

The breaking strength of the actual webbing is as follows:

13mm - 150kg 

16mm - 180kg 

20mm - 210kg 

13-16mm is the most popular size. 20mm is recommended for very large breeds.

measurements may not be exact but will not be less than 50cm of total length. 

Please always check for wear and tear before use.

Keep long line free of knots.

Rinse after contact with sea water