Pastel Pink & Lilac Biothane Training Lead
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Pastel Pink & Lilac Biothane Training Lead

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Why are training leashes a great option when choosing a dog leash?

Because they have a clip on both ends and an extra point to clip to near the middle of the leash- the lead can be used for many purposes.
Most commonly they are used with a front and back clip harness or head collar to prevent pulling and encourage loose lead walking.

They are also great when you need to clip your dog to something, like in cafes, or to clip your dog around your waist. Training leads are extremely versatile and a must have for any dog owner. 

Biothane is a fantastic, durable alternative to leather. It's waterproof, smell proof and wipes down easily, making it the perfect choice for dog wear.

BioThane® is durable, cleanable, strong and easy to maintain. Soft and supple, comfortable on the neck and in hand.

Why not add a bit of creative flare to your BioThane collar and add an accent colour to the ends and connection points?

No lead is complete without a matching collar - did you know matching accessories instantly make you feel better? Go on, treat yourself.

 Available hardware:

  • Nickel/silver plated 
  • Rose gold plated
  • Black plated
  • Brass plated

Care Tips 
Pat collar dry after using in the water. Do not use harsh chemicals on the webbing. Clean with a damp cloth or an old toothbrush and mild detergent. Rinse off salt water when wearing collars to the beach.