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Lucky Dip Live 19mm Collar

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Join us live on Instagram on Friday 5th November at 7pm for our live lucky dip!

The aim of the night is to reduce our waste as a business by randomly dipping into our boxes of excess material, off cuts of Biothane and Flexiweb that are not able to be made into new collars but would make a perfectly beautiful multi-coloured design! Otherwise, these scraps may go in the bin - and we really don't want to do that!

We're hoping this will be a fun event, as well as doing something worthwhile to reduce our waste. So it would be great to see you get involved :)

On offer on the night:

  • 16mm collars
  • 19mm collars
  • 25mm collars
  • 38mm collars
  • Traffic Handles
  • Key Fobs/Key rings

You may request in the notes a one/two/three colour design for your order - however depending on your dogs neck size and the size of the material, we may need to adapt the collar! So be prepared for us to get a bit creative! You will have two chances to veto any colours that come out of the dip. Hardware choices will be out of Nickel silver, rose gold & Black depending on what we have in stock on the night. 

Please make sure if you buy a lucky dip that you join in live with us on Friday at 7pm - we will call out your order name and if you are not there we will draw your dip without you and this will be made posted to you as normal.

No returns will be possible on these items.