Installing Lightoom Presets 101

Thanks for purchasing a preset pack!

You're now ready to transform your photos with a click of a button. 

Installing presets on Lightroom Mobile

Download your preset from either the checkout page or your email. 

Save your preset to your phone and open the photo (or share using) Lightroom Mobile (downloadable on the App Store or Google Play). The way your phone does this may vary depending on what phone you have, but you just want to add the file to your Lighroom app.

Once in the app click on the photo file to edit. Head to the preset section and click "create preset".

Name the preset something easy to remember and click done. Your preset will now be saved and available to use on future edits. 


Installing Presets on Lightroom Desktop

This works in a very similar way. Download your files and open them in your programme. Then in the preset section of lightroom, click "create preset" and save it under a unique name. This will then be available in your preset collection to use as one click edits for your photos. 

 For further help contact @roamingrotties via Instagram Direct Message