What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Dog

What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Dog.

A missing dog is a big deal and should be treated as such, for the sake of the dog and the owner as well. The following are steps to take when your furry friend is nowhere to be found, gets lost at some random location, or doesn’t return home after one of its escapades.

Take action as quickly as you can:

Finding a missing dog requires a great deal of focus and attention- and timeliness too! Upon the realization that your dog is missing, its recovery should take pre-eminence. You should take action as quickly as you can. The odds of finding a lost dog plummet as time goes by. Hence, you must begin your search as soon as you realize that your dog goes missing. 


Notify people about the incident:

A joint search is more likely to be fruitful than a one-man search, due to wide coverage, for the most part. There is only so much you can do on your own. The people to contact for help may include friends, family, and neighbors. People who have a relationship with your dog, like your veterinary doctor, your dog handler, and so on could also be contacted for help. These people should be persuaded to put a call across if they catch any whiff of genuine information about the location of your dog.


Put up ‘lost’ signs:

You could resort to putting up ‘lost dogs’ signs with a picture of your dog all over your neighborhood and perhaps even beyond. You should consider putting up these signs at strategic locations with fairly high human traffic like supermarkets, grocery stores, pet-care outlets, and the like, in addition to other places you may have in mind.

Broadcast information through the media:

Broadcast the information on as platforms as you can. These platforms include TV and radio programs, newspapers and magazines, and the internet. The network and coverage of the media are quite formidable, and more often than not, yields results.

To further boost your chances, monetary rewards could be attached to these signs and ads, as a stimulus of sorts.


Do not stray too far from your phone- or any other means of communication within your reach.

When a search for your missing dog is ongoing, you must stick to your phone at all times- or at the very least, as much as you can. This is because it is the primary means of communicating through which others can get in touch with you. If there are other means of communication, you must pay attention to them as well. 


Consult professional help:

Consulting animal care agencies for help is also another option to consider when searching for your dog. Having professional help greatly boosts your chances of recovering your missing dog.

Your furry friend has a better chance of returning home if there are certain measures put in place. These measures could be tags that would carry the pet’s name, your name, phone number, and address. Microchips are also a good way to ensure a dog returns home if lost. Consult with your veterinarian or local shelter to get your dog microchipped.

In conclusion, follow-up is very important. You must keep close tabs on the information you put out and anticipate feedback, renew some of these projections and intensify your efforts until your lost dog is recovered.

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