Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Physical Fitness

Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Physical Fitness

An active dog is a healthy dog. If you’ve wondered about tips to improve your dog’s physical fitness, then you are in the right place.

Depending on your dog’s breed and your schedule, you are expected to keep your pet fit at all times. You wouldn’t only be doing your dog a favour but also saving the stress of some health complications such as obesity, Cardiovascular arrest, and many more.

Here are five (5) tips to improve your dog’s physical fitness:


Long walks can improve your dog’s physical fitness

A long walk down your street, an open wood, or hiking is one of the best ways of keeping your dog in good physical condition. Also, long walks help maintain your dog’s mental health and keep your dog calm. If your dog is an adult, you have to be mindful of the hours or minutes convenient for it to stroll. Most times,  an hour is considered a long walk. Some dogs enjoy longer walking hours than another.


Jog alongside your dog


Dogs love to run, but jogging is running at a slower and maintained space. 

Jogging boosts the health of both your heart and that of your dog and also saves you from heart diseases. Furthermore, jogging serves as a healthy means of weight loss.

However, whenever you decide to go for a jog with your dog, ensure that you are using a harness and correct equipment for your dog. Please visit k9trailtime for advice on how to start running with your dog.


Man doing canicross with his dog attached to a harness and running with his dog


Agility Training to improve your dog’s physical fitness


Agility training can be done in the comfort of your home. One of The fantastic things about agility is that both puppies and adult dogs can participate in the training. Agility training strengthens the joints and bones of your dogs, and it brings about increased speed and balance. A room of endurance is built during agility training. Your dog stands a chance to have a quick recovery time if it goes through agility training. You can also consider running up and down the stairs with your dog, but don’t push it if they don’t like it.


Take your dog for a swim


Swimming is a form of aerobics exercise, and definitely one of the tips to improve your dog’s physical fitness to be recommended. When you allow your dog to swim, it can also be fun and a state of relaxation.

Stamina level gets built up. It also helps to burn extra energy.

However, dogs like bulldogs can’t swim due to the structure of their physical make-up.


Yellow Labrador swimming in a lake with a stick in his mouth


Play the tug of war game to improve your dog’s physical fitness


The tug of war game gives a great physical and mental workout. It helps improve the muscles, shoulder, chest, and core of your dog. It also enhances the leg strength of your dog.

Make sure that your dog understands the rule of the game, and you make the “ow” sound to show that it won. Aggressive dogs should not play with a tug of war, nor should it be played by children except you are there to supervise.

In conclusion, tips to improve your dog’s physical fitness should be something you ask about every time. 

To avoid the consequences, you are likely to face if your dog is not fit physically, stay consistent with the exercise routine that works for your dog. Finally, consult your veterinarian before choosing any physical fitness exercise for your dog. Your vet knows what suits your pet best.

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