How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Dog

Every dog loves a good toy! The romping and squeaking can be exciting. For dog owners, choosing a toy for the dog can be a difficult decision to make. The choice of a dog toy however depends on a lot of factors; ranging from the size of your dog to the personality of your dog, as well as the durability of the toys. Dog toys should be safe and fun to interact with. 

In this article, though we cannot guarantee the safety and how enthusiastic your dog would be about the toys, we want to help you get it right! Here are a few tips on choosing the right toys for your dog:

  1. Ensure the Sizes are Perfect

Your dog’s current size and breed should be a major factor in your choice of toys. It is worthy of note that dogs could be at risk if toys are swallowed. Thus, ensure that toys such as balls are large enough for your dog not to swallow but small enough to fit in their mouth. It is strongly recommended that you remove parts of a toy that can easily be detached and swallowed. 

  1. Think Safety When choosing toys

Safety is another important factor when choosing toys for your furry companion. Considering their excitement when they get to play, it is important to ensure that their favourite toys don’t hurt them; thus, make sure the toys aren’t toxic and are rid of parts that can puncture their oral cavity when having their fun time.

  1. Avoid  rawhide chews for dogs

We don’t recommend rawhide chews for dogs as 90% of cases of blockages in dogs is estimated to be caused by swallowing or attempting to swallow rawhide bones. However, they are safer alternatives to rawhide chews that can be explored. Read our article on “Dangers of rawhide bones for dogs” - 

  1. Consider your dog’s personality when choosing toys 

Rope toys and balls are a blast for high energy/active dogs and dogs that love to play “fetch”. Rope toys can be used for tug-of-war or simple chewing, but watch out for shredding and ensure your dog doesn’t swallow shredded parts. 

For smart dogs, consider treat toys and puzzle toys. With Puzzle toys, your dog has to find ways to gain access to treats hidden within the toys. This can be rewarding and the right size treat/puzzle toys can keep these dogs busy for a long time and sharpen their intelligence. 

  1. You can get the most out of your dog’s toy collections by rotating the toys. 

This is a great way to find out what toys are your dog’s favourite and to make sure they don't get bored. You could leave your dog’s favourite toys out more often, but by keeping toys in constant rotation, you ensure your dog does not get bored and get the maximum play from the toys you invest your money in. 

Make sure the toys are interactive! It is a good way to stimulate intelligence. Also, ensure to provide toys for various purposes; such as hide and seek, tug of war or a simple fetch game. 


Choices are nearly infinite when it comes to dog toys, so choosing the right one can be a tedious task. Sometimes, dog owners end up with a load of dog toys, because their dogs seem not to love the toys they got. We hope the tips above would guide you in choosing the right toys for your dog.

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