How to be a Responsible Dog Owner

The act of being a responsible dog owner starts from the day you decided to get your dog. It entails attending to your dog's needs physically, medically, and psychologically.
Here are a few tips on how you can be a better and more responsible dog owner.
How to be a responsible pet owner
1. Honest assessment of your finances and time.
Before getting a dog, ask yourself if you can afford the needs like daily healthy feed, clean water, bills to a vet visit, emergency healthcare attached to owning a dog, and also think of the time you will be willing to commit for the entire lifespan of your dog also grooming, cleaning their environment, training and many more towards raising a healthy dog.
2. Suitable house and lifestyle
Make sure to know the laws and regulations that bind your neighborhood. It is better to get your dog a pet house and allow it to move freely in your space with a pet-friendly floor like luxury vinyl, tiles, very light or dark wood e.t.c
 Introduce and make your dog part of the family. You can take turns in taking it for a dog walk as dogs also need companions.
3. Regular vet visitation
Your dogs' healthcare like yours should not be taken for granted. A regular visit to the vet should be necessary. Have your dog registered with a vet for healthcare. You can also get your dog insured.
4. Train and groom your dog to obey and understand simple instructions.
Your dog should understand simple instructions such as "sit", " stay", " off", and " come" e.t.c to achieve these register your dog for all training and talk to it when you are alone.
Grooming should start from the moment your dog is still a pup, clipping of nails on and regular basis. Securely touch their ears, feet, mouth, and head to desensitize them to handling in these areas on the grooming table.
5. Feed it properly with food and clean water
There are commercial dog foods that contain all the nutrient value needed for dogs or you can choose to make your dog a vegetarian. When shopping for your dog, ensure to read the labels written on the dog's label. Dogs eat human foods like chicken, carrot, plain popcorn, dairy products, peanut butter, pork, watermelon, blueberries, etc. 
Work hand in hand with your vet to get the right proportion of feed to suit your dog. If you change your dog food, make it a gradual process to avoid any upset to their digestion tract.
Staying hydrated should be important to you, your dog should get access to clean water always.
6. Create a pet ID tag or chip for easy traceability.
You won't break the bank by making a pet ID tag for your dog with a microchip number on it. Pet ID comes in various shapes and can be customized. Harness and collar are both comfortable around your dog's neck but a collar will hold an id tag.
In conclusion
Just like will plan for a child's arrival and have a duty of taking care of them so also are we answerable to every acts towards our dogs. From how they are being handled to training to exercises and many more determines if you were responsible towards your dog or not.

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