6 Ways To Celebrate National Puppy Day

6 Ways To Celebrate National Puppy Day

Dogs are the most faithful and trustworthy animals. On March 23rd, dogs are celebrated on National Puppy Day. This holiday was started by Colleen Paige and is now celebrated in many places all over the world. The goal is to draw exposure to puppies in need of adoption as well as puppy mill atrocities, while also celebrating these furry little friends. 

People who keep one or more dogs in their homes, according to studies, enjoy better lives, are happier, survive better, and weigh less than those who do not. So, what's not to like about that?

Here are some suggestions to help you mark this special occasion!

Volunteer virtually 

Animal shelters are particularly in need of assistance in the spring since there is an upsurge in the number of pups at this time. Helping doesn't have to take place in person. You won't be able to play with the pups, but you will be assisting them anyway. If your local shelter, for example, is reducing hours of volunteer and public admissions, there are things you may do from home, such as spreading the information on social media. Share sterilization and neuter infographics, as well as photographs and tales of new pups available for adoption.

Throw a dog party

Bring together some of your furry pals to honour man's best friend with cake, balloons, and plenty of puppy fun. A socially distant gathering in the park or a virtual canine fiesta on Zoom is both simple to organize.

Photoshoot of a Puppy

Set up a short photoshoot of your dog with a professional or even a buddy who is adept with a camera. Add some entertaining items or a backdrop to the scene. You'll enjoy looking at these images and remembering how little they were when they were puppies!

Take a Hike in the Woods

On a nature hike, your dog will enjoy taking in all the fresh odours outside the house. Puppies can't move too far without stopping, so carry a nice comfortable carrier or bag for them to rest in when you're doing the difficult work. While spending quality time with you, they'll happily peek their head out to take in all the sights and scents. Food and water for your dog should also be brought along.

Make a new Puppy Companion

If one of your friends or colleagues has a puppy and wants to participate in National Puppy Day, see if they'd like to meet up for a puppy dinner date. Making a new buddy is an excellent method to begin socializing at a young age, and it will benefit your Pets. Always be safe and keep an eye on the situation.

Together, take a Puppy Nap

If there's one thing puppies excel at, it's taking naps. Naps together are an excellent way to demonstrate that you trust one other, which is essential for bonding. It's better not to snooze next to each other if you're the kind who moves around while sleeping, simply in case you fall over or kick each other. Instead, take a break and let your dog snooze on your lap.


The 23rd of March is National Puppy Day!  Advocating for decent treatment of pups around the country is one way of celebrating National Puppy Day. Encourage relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, and anyone in your community to adopt a puppy of their own by spreading the news about stopping puppy mills for good. Also, please share this list with other puppy owners so that they may join in on National Puppy Day celebrations!

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