6 Tips on How To Keep Your Dog Warm in Winter

The winter is associated with colder weather, sometimes snow, rain and fog; it is not just a cold period for you but also for your four-legged friends. Yes, if it is extremely cold for you, the same goes for your dog. It is a season that poses a risk to your dog, despite their fur which should offer warmth and protection; cold snaps are a thing for them too.
Keeping warm becomes your top priority in winter; a hot cup of coffee, blankets, lighting up fireplaces - name it! However, how do you keep your dog warm in the winter?
In this article, we have put together a few tips that will help you keep your dog warm during winter:
1. Spend more time indoors to keep your dog warm in Winter
We understand that you will love to walk your dog every day, but out in the cold, their paws, ear, and nose are exposed. It is therefore advisable to take walks during the winter shorter. You could increase the frequency if you have a working dog or one with more energy. Spending more time indoors can be fun when you play some indoor games with your dog, just to keep them entertained and also ensure they are kept warm. 
2. Beddings for your dog
If your dog sleeps inside, ensure to make their beddings extra cozy, raised above the ground, and with lots of blankets to avoid draughts. If your dog sleeps outside with no option of coming inside, ensure to make the housing suitable for the weather; provide insulation, and let the roof be sloped.
3. Extra feeding during the winter
There should be seasonal adjustment in your dog’s diet in winter, as more energy is expended to fight the cold and keep them warm. However, being that there is less movement for your dog in winter, there is a possibility of weight gain, thus food rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and mineral is preferable. Ensure to monitor calories, watch treats given, and keep your dog hydrated. 
4. Moderate bathing your dog in winter
Your dog’s skin has essential oils which will be removed and leave your dog vulnerable to dry and flaky skin, if you bathe too often, especially during winter. Consider using a moisturizing shampoo recommended by your Veterinarian to bathe your furry friend if you must.
5. Avoid shaving your dog in winter
Like your winter coat, the longer your dog’s fur, the more warmth they get. It is okay to trim a little to avoid tangles, clinging ice balls, and salt crystals that pose harm to your dog, but avoid shaving down in winter. 
6. Dog Coats and Socks to keep warm in winter
A coat or sweater is advisable, especially for your short-haired furry companion. Ensure the coat covers from tail to belly and has a high collar. Socks or boots are also perfect ways to protect your dog’s paw against cold and frostbites. If boots or socks don’t go well with your dog, vaseline or paw balm can be applied just before the short walk. Coats and socks won’t just keep your dog warm in winter but also would also beautify!
In conclusion, winter can pose a few risks to your dog, especially their paws and skin. Thus, the safety and healthiness of your dog should be your top priority in winter. No matter the options you see fit, always ensure you keep these tips in mind this winter, so your dogs can stay safe, warm, and cosy. 

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