5 Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

5 Things You Need Before Getting a Dog

Are you thinking about getting a dog?  If yes, you will need some crucial items either for their protection, health or entertainment. Of course, the last thing you want is for your new puppy or dog to be lonely and bored while they are home alone!

In order to prevent that from happening, here are five things you should have before bringing a furry friend into your home. 

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Your Dog Needs A Variety Of Toys 

Toys are one of the essential items you need before getting a dog as they help you build amazing relationships with them. Dogs are animals that can be bored easily, so don't forget about the entertainment factor when you bring one home. 

Plus, toys are a great way to have fun and build a strong bond with your dog. The good news? They keep themselves busy which means less stress on both sides. 

A Dog Bed Is Crucial When Getting a Dog

Your pooch will appreciate having its own bed in the corner of your living room where it can sleep undisturbed while watching its favourite show on TV with you! Just make sure it's not too close to the couch where people might accidentally step on it during an intense game of Mario Kart. 

Also, don't forget a soft blanket or pillow for them to cuddle up with at night. 

Buy A Leash and Collar For Your Dog

A dog’s collar is like a furry hug for their neck. They provide protection and definition, making it clear to everyone around them that this pup belongs in exactly where he's at! This is why it is an essential item to have before bringing your dog in, and it’s always good to have more than one. 

They keep them in tow while giving room for other activities like errands or work! Plus, having extra leashes around the house and in your car ensures that you'll be able to corral your pup no matter what happens! Visit handmadehound.co.uk/collection/all to get game-changing collars and leashes for your dog.

Have a Gate Ready Before Getting A Dog.

A gate is an important part of any home, but it's even more crucial if you’re considering getting a dog and most especially, if you want to limit their access in certain rooms, like the kitchen. 

Baby gates work well for most dogs but an agile pup can scoot underneath them; there are many styles from which you choose that will keep him confined while still allowing room enough underneath so as not to prohibit movement or exercise requirements (like stairs).

A Water and Food Bowl Are Essential Needs For Your Dog

It goes without sayings that a dog's diet and water needs are crucial for its health and survival. But beware, giant-sized bowls can turn your tiny Chihuahua into a swimming pool! 

Having fresh water available at all times is important, but making sure they get fed on schedule will help too - either way you'll need somewhere to put it so having some designated pet bowls in the house really helps out here.

In conclusion, before getting a dog or bringing one into your home, it’s important to make sure you have the essential items (such as a collar, leash, bowl, gate, and bed) as highlighted above. Also, be aware of all the responsibilities and costs associated with having a dog, including medical bills, before committing to one so that you can ensure their safety and happiness.

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