5 Fun Ways To Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pets

The festive season is here, and it is a perfect time to celebrate with family and friends, that includes your four-legged friends too.  After all they’re part of the family, so why wouldn’t they be included in the celebrations?  

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Pets love to spend more time with their owner; they love celebrations too. They deserve special love and attention this festive season and there are many ways to show them. 

Whatever your tradition during the holidays, here are five (5) fun considerations  to ensure your pets are part of the celebrations throughout the holidays. 


  1. Buy Your Pets Gifts For The Holiday

Just as you would love a gift from your friends this season, your pets would love one from you too. A cozy bed, bandanas, seasonal toys, and other customized pet accessories are among your various options. We do a wide range of festive gifts for your dog right here at Handmade Hound. Edible treats are great options too.

  1. Give to The Dog Shelter and Other Animals

Giving is a way of being grateful for the things you have in your life. Take your furry friend for a play date, a holiday picnic, or take the whole family along to the rescue centre and give the dogs in need some love and festive cheer. Individual gifts and exciting treats can be arranged for animals in the shelter.  Fun games they enjoy can be set up and treats given as a reward to the pets. This is another great way to celebrate the holidays, not just for you but also for your pets. 

  1. Prepare a Special Meal For Christmas Day

As you make delicacies for the family, the furry pals shouldn’t be left out. You can prepare delicious and mouthwatering dog biscuits or cookies from pet-friendly recipes. You can also find Christmas-themed canned food, mostly prepared with carrots, turkey, and sweet potatoes. In a previous blog post, “Christmas foods harmful to dogs”, you’ll find some foods including ingredients that should be avoided during the holidays. 

Numerous pet-friendly recipes for unique and homemade dishes for your furry friend are available, and I am sure you’ll find the right one.

  1. Decorations for Your Pets

You may have your Christmas trees and lights up in your home already. You can add little details to these decorations to signify the presence of your pets too. Pets might allow for holiday dress up too. They could be dressed in customized Christmas stockings, clothes, and other costumes that would make a good fit. Their cosy home and crates should not be left out of the decorations; you can mimic your outdoor decorations. 

  1. Custom Photo With Your Pet

All dolled up in lovely holiday attires and looking adorable, take your pets for a memorable holiday photoshoot. Whether it is a picture with Santa and friends or you’re using your home decorations as your photo booth backdrop, these photos will make lifetime memories and will look great in the family photo album. Don't forget to tag us in any photos you post on social media of your dog wearing their Handmade Hound gear!


The holiday season doesn’t have to be boring for your pets. There are several ways you can make it exciting for your furry companion. The few ideas above should give you insights on fun ways to celebrate the Holidays with your pets.  Do well to ensure your pet’s safety and hygiene as you go about the holidays. 

Happy Celebrations!


Blog post by Mark Gospel - veterinary assistant 

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