5 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

One of the best parts of being a pet owner is finding fun games to play with your dog. Believe it, nothing else gets your lovely companions excited than playing a series of entertaining and creative games with them. They just love it! Plus, fun games are not just physically but also mentally stimulating for your dogs. So what’s not to love?

jack russell puppy playing a game of tuggy with their owner

If you’re looking for new games or you simply want to spice up your games with your furry friends, then check out these 5 fun games that you will enjoy playing with your dogs. 

  1. Hide The Treat

Talk about a great brain game for dogs and hide the treat will surely top the list. Not only does this game develop your dog’s problems solving skills, but it also gives you the chance to train them to yield to commands such as, ‘stay’ and ‘come.’

What’s more, it’s simple; all you need do is hide the treat when your dog isn’t looking and have them look for it. You can also rub the scent of the treat on a few areas to leave a trail of scent that helps your dog find the treat faster. Remember to give him lots of praises when he eventually does. 

  1. Play-Wild Sits

This is another interesting game to play with your dogs – whether indoor or outdoor. How is it done? 

With a leash around your dog’s neck, start performing activities that excite them and get their blood pumping such as jumping, running, or cheering them on– make sure your dog is carried away with excitement – and suddenly say, ‘sit’. The objective of this game is to get your dog to obey your instruction even when in his most euphoric state.

It’s okay if your pet doesn’t yield after the first few trials. With more practice and a little patience, you will begin to notice significant improvements over time.

  1. Hide and Seek 

Like hide the treat, hide and seek also involves hiding. The only difference is you are the hidden treasure this time and not the treat. Plus, it is also a simple and fun game to play with your dog. 

How to play it? Lead your dog into a room and command them to sit or have them distracted by someone else while you find a place to hide – make sure not to go too far so it doesn’t seem impossible to find you as this may discourage him.

Next, after hiding is to call out your dog’s name to locate you. Don’t forget to encourage him with a delicious treat as soon as he does. 

  1. Obstacle Course 

Looking for a creative fun game to play with your dog? Obstacle course might just be the perfect option for you. While it may take time to properly set up, the reward covers the stress. 

Start by placing any household objects on each other. The objects could be books, old boxes, or even chairs - as long as your dogs are not at risk of getting injured while trying to jump over them.  

Next, instruct your dog to jump over the items. Dogs that are really skilled at jumping will find this game very exhilarating as they will have no problem and enjoy jumping over the items successfully.  

However, be careful not to place items beyond your dog’s jumping ability to avoid accidents. Some dog owners take their dog’s measurements such as the height, weight, or length before setting up items. 

  1. Fetch 

There’s no other game that is more physically and mentally challenging for your furry friends than the fetch game. The good news? It gives room for your pets to exercise their natural running instincts.  

Like every other fun game discussed so far, fetch is also an easy and fun game to play with your dogs. Throw an object such as a ball or a stick at a moderate distance from your pet and have them go get it by shouting ‘fetch”. Energetic dogs will go to any length to retrieve and bring the thrown item back to you. As always, reward your dog with some rubs or praises each time they succeed at the game. 



Playing fun games with your dogs is one of the best ways to train, spend time, and intimately bond with them. So when looking for the best ways to engage your furry friends and keep them less bored, don’t hesitate to pick some of these entertaining and mentally stimulating games listed above. 

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