4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe From Theft

Finding a lost property or item can be stressful, so also having your dog stolen can be frustrating, stressful, and very painful if eventually not found.

People steal dogs for different reasons but most especially for quick monetary rewards. In some countries, there are laws against pet abduction and due punishment to anyone caught in such a bad act.

Here are 4 ways to protect your dog from theft.


  1. Get a means of identification and microchipping

It is a necessity that your dog has either a collar, harness, or ID containing Up-to-date contact details belonging to you particularly if you move to a new environment or change your phone number. However, ID cards, collars, and harnesses can get broken, removed, or even fall off, and they do not serve as a permanent means of identification for your dog.

While getting your dog microchipped is faster, easier, inexpensive, essentially pain-free, and stress less for you the dog owner, the primary aim of microchips is to provide a firm of permanent means of identification which is passive, that is, your dog gets to have a unique id. Microchips do not require the use of a power source. It is usually implemented by a professional Veterinarian.


  1. Be vigilant

Being vigilant or at alert starts with you being conscious of your surroundings or environment. When you notice any strange or unusual activity or person around your neighborhood or any cold callers, report such activity to the nearest police station. Whether you are at home or out and about, your dog's whereabouts should be known to you at all time

Be cautious with the information about your dog you share with strangers. Never leave your dog in your car unattended, this is not just an easy way for thieves to get your dog stolen but your dog also stands a high risk of heatstroke and possibly death.

Change your walking route frequently as some dogs are being stolen after being watched over some time.



  1. Secure your property

If you live in a house with only front gardens, then your dogs are vulnerable to dog thieves. You might consider building a fence or gate roundabout. When this has been done, fit a bell or alarm system to the gate or fence for easy hearing if an intruder pushes it. For dogs kept outside of the house, install CCTV and a good lighting facility for easy monitoring.


  1. Employ only trusted dog walkers

If the need arises to leave your dog in the care of others or use the help of a dog walker. Be careful of whosoever you choose. Make sure to use a reputable company for house-sitting service for easy traceability and get their reference. Do not leave your dog in the care of people who can't pay attention to it.


In conclusion,

Dog stealing has been on the rise recently with daily reports of missing dogs. Take your time in training your dog to come back to you on command and also take a lot of clear pictures from different angles with your dog for a claim of ownership in case anything happens.

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