3 Tasty Valentine's Treat Recipes for Dogs

Everyone deserves to be loved and see the love being put into action, including your dog. One of the most beautiful ways to communicate and express how much you love your dog is by baking yummy treats to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

You'd agree with me that a happy stomach makes a merry heart, your buddy can pick just how special the day is from the manner of feed it gets on Valentine's day. What is Valentine's day anyways without a remarkable homemade treat made with love from you to your loyal friend!?



Here are a few helpful treats ideas you can make use of that are healthy, easy to make yet special.


  1. Dog ice cream

Compared to natural ice cream, dog ice cream is softer and easy to scoop than others. You only need three ingredients to make your dog ice cream, Peanut butter, plain yogurt, and bacon bits(optional).

 Peanut butter when eaten moderately, and void of Xylitol is safe and considered healthy for dogs. It is a good source of protein, natural fats, vitamin B and E, and niacin. Unsalted peanut butter is the best for your dog. Plain yogurt preferably Greek yogurt which is less lactose than regular yogurt is safe and rich in gut-supporting probiotics and is also an excellent source of calcium. 

 However, it must be given moderately to avoid vomiting or gas for dogs with sensitive stomachs. To make your dog's ice cream, mix 8 ounces’ peanut butter, 8 ounces, and a quarter of bacon bit, and then freeze until it is firm. Serve to your dog in one and a half-cup increments.


  1. Apple Cinnamon Dog cookies

Your dog will be impressed with this simple dog treat recipe because of its awesome aroma and yummy taste. 

You will need a cup of dry quick cook oatmeal, one and a half cups of Apple sauce, and one egg. Oatmeal is high in fiber, which helps in regulating your dog's blood glucose level and bowel movement. Apple, on the other hand, is a great source of vitamin C and A for dogs. Eggs are high in fatty acids, amino acids, and protein.

To get your desired Apple Cinnamon Dog Cookies, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Celsius in a large dry bowl. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly, and make a large drop of cookies using a tablespoon. Afterward, set your oven for 22 minutes and watch the cookies come out of the pan.



  1. Frosty Dog Biscuit.

It takes only a few minutes to get ingredients to make a yummy biscuit treat. Peanut butter, whole wheat, Oat, grounded Flaxseed, and beef broth. Each ingredient is rich in protein, Sodium, Fiber, Iron, Omega-3fatty acid, and many more.

To prepare, ground the flaxseed for easy digestion, mix the flour, oats, and flaxseed thoroughly, and then one-half cup of beef broth and peanut butter. Roll to about a quarter-inch thickness and cut out any shape you desire. Bake for about 20 minutes until it turns golden brown. Finally, keep it in a container for a week.


We hope you give these recipes ago to celebrate Valentine's day with the one you really love (it's always the dog - am I right?) Please tag us, we'd love to see!

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