3 Special Ways To Show Your Dog That You Love Them.

Ever wonder why your dog purrs and does not bark at the sight of you? Or why he always comes running when you walk in? It’s all because dogs are naturally loyal and love their owners.  It is not a surprise they are called "man's best friend".

The phrase "I Love you" is an action word that can be communicated to your four-legged in a very special dog language. Truth is, your dog may not always know he is your favorite person until you show him first.

Here are three special ways to reciprocate the love shown to you by your dog.

  1. Cuddling and a hearty conversation 

Your dog might not be big on hugs but you both can always cuddle depending on your schedule and your bed arrangement. Dogs are pack animals, they feel safe and secure when they plan and rest together. 

Dogs love physical contact. So, when you cuddle say nice things like "good boy, good girl, and so on". Rub his belly gently, look into his eyes, and smile. The expression on your face goes a long way also.

A hearty conversation gives you time to bond with your dog. If you are lost on what to say to him, start by talking about your day or telling him a story, or anything that comes to mind. 

They might not understand your language but if you consistently do this, your dog gets to pick up on your tone and some words. 

  1. Ear rubbing and Exercise

It is not enough for you to pat your dog on the head, try rubbing his ear slowly, and watch your dog go high with euphoria. 

Why will this happen? Because your dog's ear has a lot of nerve endings that stimulate the pituitary glands and the hypothalamus which secretes endorphins that make them happy and relaxed. This can also serve as a pain killer for dogs.

Exercises help to keep your dog healthy and fit. This can be achieved by walking, playing fetch, learning agility tricks, and many more.

  1. Understand their body language 

Before you can come to an understanding of your dog's body language, you first have to be a good listener and watcher. 

Watch out to see when your dog waggles his tail. Pay attention when he makes eye contact, and also when he raises his eyebrow. Dogs, when anxious do tuck their tail, lick their lip or avert or pop out their eye.

When your dog leans into you or presses up against your leg, it's a sign that he loves and trusts you. Except the lean is coming from a place of fear, lean into him to show you care.

Learn their language by paying attention to what they want and where they want to go.

Finally, if you have always been taught food is the only way to show your dog that you care, then you may have been loving him the wrong way. Dogs, like humans, will always crave attention. One of the best ways to communicate your love towards your dog is the quality of time you choose to spend with him. Your dog will not be the only one benefitting from all these, you will too.

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