20th of May: Everything You Need to Know About The National Rescue Dog Day

The National Rescue Dog Day celebrates love, companionship, and generosity between man and dog. The streets are home to millions of animals, primarily dogs abandoned by their owners. Many of these creatures have grown up in sheltered environments, making it more challenging to survive on their own. Moreover, these abandoned dogs can be harmed by humans and other animals.

To help abandoned dogs, animal welfare organisations provide them with shelter, homes, and care. In addition, many of these organisations encourage people to adopt dogs so that they have a new home and more shelter space for other animals. At the end of the day, both humans and animals benefit from adopting or fostering.

The ASPCA estimates that roughly 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year because they were abandoned, abused, or rescued. Ultimately, the National Rescue Dog Day underscores the reality that all these pets need and deserve a ‘forever home’.

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How National Rescue Dog Day Started

National Rescue Dog Day celebrates all the advantages of enabling a four-legged dog to adopt you into their amazingly loving existence. National Rescue Dog Day was established by Tails That Teach, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to teach children about kindness by teaching them how to care for animals through educational programs and literature.

Lisa Wienhebrink, the Founder of the organisation, was inspired to establish this holiday and publish a book titled "Love Me Gently: A Kid's Guide for Man's Best Friend". Many of Wiehebrink's works focus on the relationship between people and animals. 

Her writing is intended for youngsters, emphasises the need for compassion, unconditional love, patience, etc. She feels that establishing these qualities in youngsters toward animals will benefit them later in life while dealing with humans. In 2009, Wiehebrink conceived of the day after she rescued her dog Cooper and numerous others.

Since 2018, May 20th has been an official annual commemoration for National Rescue Dog Day.

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Why Rescue Dogs Make Great Pets

Regardless of their size, colour, or breed, dogs will find a way to win your heart. It will be almost impossible to refrain from scratching one behind the ear with their adorable nuzzling, fetching, or begging. 

Although many rescue dogs have had to overcome great hurdles, they can still give warmth, security, and companionship as family pets. Additionally, rescue dogs are capable of much more. They provide comfort for the elderly and improve the independence of persons with disabilities. In such cases, they become our eyes, ears, legs, and our best friends.

Rescue dogs have numerous therapeutic benefits. Children, adolescents, and adults with autism may benefit from the services rescue dogs provide. As emotional support companions, rescue dogs alleviate anxiety, despair, and PTSD in military personnel and people with mental illness. They also make terrific educators. Rescue dogs teach children about compassion and generosity. 

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How to Observe The National Rescue Dog Day

Even if you cannot adopt a dog, there are other ways you can support dog shelters, and National Rescue Dog Day is the ideal time to start.

  • Fostering is one of the options open to folks who cannot own a pet permanently. Foster families provide temporary housing for dogs that cannot remain in shelters due to socialisation requirements or require a home environment to recover from medical procedures.
  • You can serve as a volunteer in a local shelter. Most shelters will appreciate volunteers who can assist with dog walking, feeding, and grooming. Walking dogs, brushing, and lavishing them with care enhances their socialisation.
  • Shelters are constantly in need of donations. Financial contributions are always appreciated. Most animal shelters have constant needs, including blankets, bleach, toys, snacks, and leashes.
  • If you have room in your life for a rescue dog, adopt one and give it a permanent home.
  • Don't forget to spay or neuter your pets. Overpopulation is the leading cause for the existence of so many shelters.


Even though rescue dogs may experience traumas and behavioural disorders due to being tortured and abandoned, they can quickly overcome these obstacles and become the most loyal and affectionate pets. 

Families who adopt a rescue dog will be eternally grateful they did, as they will be able to enjoy furry cuddling, playing, and affection for years to come.

We hope to consider adopting a rescued dog today! And join in celebrating the national rescue dog day!

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