10 Dog Walking Destinations in the UK

Dogs do enjoy a long walk, especially when they are bored or agitated. The exciting news for you and your dog is that there are thousands of miles of beautiful places to go for walk in the UK.  There are several benefits of walking your dog. It serves as a means of exercise, mental stimulation, behavioral training, and bonding time. 

In this article, we will be tipping off on the top ten walking destinations to consider: 

  1. Lake District, Cumbria

Lake District is situated in Cumbria and it is one of the most beautiful places in the UK to take your dog, it has a very large range of open spaces and pet-friendly attractions. There are also beautiful picture lakeside views, mountain hikes, and strolls.

  1. Buckden Pike, Yorkshire

Buckden Pike is a circular 7-mile route that allows walkers to have a view of the fantastic nature area of Yorkshire. With a walking time of about 3 -5 hours, the route can be however a little bit challenging.

  1. The New Forest, Hampshire

The New Forest is a 556 square kilometers wide-ranging surrounding pasture land and forest in between Southampton and Bournemouth, South England. The clear rivers and shady grooves constitute a peaceful environment for walking or strolling with your dog. The signed routes are also easy to follow.

  1. Salisbury to Stonehenge Walk, Wiltshire.

This walk takes you and your dog from the City center of Salisbury to the awe-inspiring Stonehenge. The route runs for over 15km using public a footpath. 


  1. Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor is a wild upland area situated in Devon with a land area of 954km² and a landscape of evergreen shrubs moors, and uneven tars. Dartmoor is suitable for dog walks because of its wooded valleys and stunning views.

  1. Wells Beach and pinewood, Norfolk

Wells Beach and Pinewood are more than just dunes. Very close to the car park, is a fine walkway; which is suitable for dogs and dog walkers. The beach is pet-friendly and leashed dogs are allowed on the beach from June 15 to September 16.

  1. Hampstead heath

Hampstead Heath is an 800 acres landmass well known in North London both for people and dogs. Hampstead heath is pet-friendly but comes with few rules. To avoid being fined, while walking your dog, ensure to keep him under control every time. Also, ensure that your dog wears a tag and collar before leaving your house.

  1. South Downs, South England

Brighton is one amazing place to visit in South Downs. Brighton is considered to be one of the most dog-friendly towns in the UK with the seaside resort just a stone’s throw away from the National park. 

You can also explore the Devil's Dyke. Devil's dyke is the longest, widest, and deepest valley in South Downs with A lot of footpaths suitable for dog walks.

  1. Arthur’s Seat Edinburgh

Arthur's seat is located within Holyrood park and it is the highest point in Edinburgh. Although a short hike,  it is also slightly difficult to get to the highest point. The park provides a walking path, peace, and a wildlife environment. Climbing to the top and back will take you only 2 hours to complete. It is considered a healthy exercise for you and your dog.

Wimbledon common

Wimbledon is a 55.2-mile loop trail mainly used for walking, running, hiking, and other nature trips making it a natural favorite for both people and dogs. It has woodlands far from the busy roads too. Dogs can run and walk freely in open spaces. 


Cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, and stronger muscle/ bones are a few benefits of walking your dog(s). The National Walk Your Dog Day is set aside in the Uk to create awareness of how important it is to walk your dog and keep them active.

While at it, do ensure to look out for times when your dog might seem tired, and let him/her rest. Also, bring along a supply of water to rehydrate your dog.

We hope these few tips gave you insights into beautiful places you could make lovely memories with your furry friends. 

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