2021 Training Goals with K9 Connor

Top 10 Breeds of Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs, also known as service or seeing dogs, are dogs specially trained to guide, help, and protect people who are blind or have low vision to become independent. These breeds of dogs are specially chosen for their excellent temperament and suitability for people of different age groups.  Guide dogs are carefully paired with their handler based on compatibility, ranging from lifestyle, schedule, and activities to living arrangements. Guide dogs do wear a white-coloured harness for identity. Can two walk except they agree? That is why Handlers bond with these dogs during various training periods and another pairing process to...

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Training Motivation 101 with K9Connor

Happy new year to all of our customers and readers! With a brand new year comes new plans & goals, and if you own a dog, we're almost sure that some of them will be training related! 🐶 We caught up with K9 Connor over the festive period and spoke about all things dog. We are excited to share with you his response to our question "how can we achieve our dog training goals this year?"    Right every body..."pawsaminute" (do you get it?) A new year means a chance for us all to reset and plan our goals not...

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